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Emergency First Response (EFR) first aid training,
We do not know when we will encounter an emergency. With this simple first aid training you will receive, you can apply first aid in an emergency with the theoretical and practical information you will learn.
Emergency Fisrt Response (EFR) is a first aid training program. Training consists of two stages as Primary and Secondary intervention practices and techniques.
Primary intervention; CPR and artificial respiration (CPR), Secondary intervention; It includes training to help the casualty and to do what is necessary to prevent the situation from worsening until medical help arrives.
Conditions of Participation;
Although there is no age limit and no need for any certificate to start the training, non-divers can also participate in this training.
At the end of the training, the International PADI Emergency First Response certificate, which is recognized by the world Recreational Scuba Training Council RSTC and the International Standards Organization ISO institutions, is given.
First Aid Saves Lives.

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