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  Diving is a Love,  
Deep Blue is a Passion...

Trimix Dive Center

We dive; because once you open the doors of this magical world, there is no going back...

Experience the unique beauties of the underwater, the miracles of living life, the peaceful silence, and the insatiable colorful world of the deep blue. Emerge yourself in the wonderful sense of adrenaline, the happiness of discovering the unknown, and stepping into this magical world, we came together to share our experiences, dreams and all these beauties with you.
We welcome you to Trimix Diving Center! 

Escape from the stress and hardships of our daily lives, and the hustle and bustle of city life, and let's set sail for the blues by creating a space for ourselves to breathe… 

In our diving center, which we laid the foundations of in 2018, we are here so that you can take diving training at every level in a safe and fun way. Our professional instructors provide and pride themselves on the quality training they offer by following the diving rules and limits on every level...


Our Vision

To offer the highest quality, most comfortable and safest diving training at every level on our diving boat to our sea and nature lover friends who have adopted our slogan of  "Diving is a love, deep blue is a passion".


Our Mission

To protect and nurture sea life, to provide awarness about the underwater world and to train divers who are aware of their responsibility to the protection of our seas, we here at Trimix Dive Center vow to safeguard our life source that is the deep blue.

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