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Dalyan is a charming seaside town located between Fethiye and Marmaris, on the southwest coast of Turkey, at the point where the Aegean Sea ends and the Mediterranean Sea begins.

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The ancient city of Kaunos, which was founded in 400 BC boasts 2400-year-old king tombs, mud baths unique to Dalyan, the world-famous Iztuzu beach, sea turtle protection areas, and boat trips on the canal between Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean. With its' magnificent lagoon, which is only one of 6 in the world, Dalyan offers its' visitors with a wide range of activities in many different forms such as yoga, mountain biking, rafting, trekking, as well as sunbathing on its' magnificent beaches and swimming in turquoise bays.​

Throughtout the past decade, Dalyan has become a honey-pot destination for culture, sports, and adventure enthusiasts.

To experience the underwater world of Dalyan, Trimix Dive Center offers scuba diving excursions to expose the world to its' aquatic beauty, elegance, and grace.

Our diving boat, which departs at 09.30 in front of the Trimix Dive Center located at the BcSpa Hotel, on the edge of the Dalyan canal. Our insatiable cruise takes our guests to magnificent king tombs, and various dive points to experience the exotic aqua life of Dalyan.

After the first dive of the day, we fill our bellies with our rich lunch menu provided on board. After lunch and rest time, our divers set out to prepare for the second dive of the day. (The second dive point will be subject to weather and sea life conditions, as well as captain's orders😄!)


Stingray, grouper, soldier fish, bream, caretta caretta, sea rabbits and colorful reefs are just some of the sea life we will see underwater. If we are lucky, it is possible to encounter dolphins and seals along our travels.

To accommodate our beloved non-divers, our boat offers and upper deck for sunbathing in the glorious Turkish sun, and various relaxation and lookout spots onboard, relieving us from the stress of city life. Feel free to jump in and experience the cool waters of the Mediterranean sea and the deep blue coves surrounding us from the surface of the water.

After completing all our planned activities, we will end our day with the wonderful canal views of Dalyan, the magnificent sunset on our backs and reminisce on the delightful memories and experiences we have created together with our refreshments onboard on the way back to the hotel.

Dive Spots

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